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10 Gods Analysis (十神分析) - Zhèng Yìn (Direct Resource)

正印 (zhèng yìn - direct resource)  

In term of relationship, represent elderly, nobleman, supervisor. For a male, it represents mother. For a female, it represents grandfather or son-in-law.

If Zheng Yin is Useful God, this person will be bright and intelligent. Life with little misfortune, if has Guan then will be high moral integrity. Justifiable to hold high power. This person will normally benevolence and prefer to live simply. Wealth star means heavily sentiment, resource star attentively to human. Work with integrity, can study up to high level, intelligent, knowledge is profound and prefer to study.

If a lot of Zheng Yin, the person like to study, famous, artistic, religious, teaching, inventor nature comes naturally.    

If Yin star too strong, also Eating God, Hurting Officer or Wealth Star too weak, lack off discharged by Eating God/Hurting Officer, it means slow development in intelligence, slow in gasping concept. Means academic achievement not that good, character too honest and frank.      

If in Eating God/Hurting Officer luck cycle, then can reduce the above disadvantage, then academic achievement will make improvement.

Yin strong, Eating God/Hurting Officer weak, not good at doing business, therefore better don’t involve in managing business, better to assume office only or being a salary person.

Too many Zheng Yin means overly pampered by mother and become a spoilt brat and overly dependent (lack of independent)

Too many Zheng Yin also means health of mother is not good, because of some reason, the person will be brought up by someone else.

If Zheng Yin too strong, don’t have destiny (yuan) with children.

Officer and Yin penetrate thru Stems, will have prosperous and good life, good fame and reputation, can become a good leader.

Zheng Yin at Chang Sheng (Growth), means parents benevolent, merciful, kind and longevity.

Zheng Yin at Bath (mù yù), the person will keep on changing job.

Zheng Yin at Attire (guan dài), born in reputable family, will able to enjoy luxury.

Zheng Yin prosperous at Coming-of-age (lín guān), will have virtuous mother. 

Zheng Yin at Prosperity Peak (dì wàng), stand up among one’s fellow (become famous)

Zheng Yin at Ageing (shuāi), very difficult to expand.

Year Pillar has Zheng Yin as Useful God, born in rich family, good in study.

Month Pillar Zheng Yin, character kind hearted and benevolent, bright and health, seldom fall sick.

If Pillar has Pian and Zheng Guan (Indirect and Direct Officer), has good fortune life; If 4 Pillars don’t have Pian Cai (Indirect Wealth), Yin not being clash (ke), literary work become famous (famous writer); If clash between Month and Day EB, ancestor house withered.

Day Pillar Zheng Yin, spouse refine, honest, sincere and benevolent.

Hour Pillar Zheng Yin is favourable, children will be intelligence and filial. 

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10 Gods Analysis (十神分析) - Pian Guan (Qi Sha- Indirect Officer)

偏官(Pian Guan, Qi Sha, 7-Killing - Indirect Officer) 

Pian Guan also known as "sha", Qi Sha (7-killing), in term of relationship, for woman it represent 偏夫 "Pian Fu" (2nd Husband or lover), for man it represent Son.

7-killing is similar to Zhen Guan in term of function, the difference is that Zhen Guan is using cooperative mean while 7-killing is more toward competitive mean; more merciless.

If the Bazi is appropriate (favourable), and Sha Qi can be used favourably and usefulness, the person will prosperous throughout the life. Also a person with strong power and status has such formation. 

If the Bazi is inappropriate (unfavourable), for example, Day Master weak, unexpected disaster will come. If the Day Master is strong and the pattern is strange, as old saying: "weak Day Master that has Pian Guan, just like holding a dormant tiger" This is because person with Pian Guan is fast in action (agile), desire for power, good in political skill and act arbitrarily (impulse). 

Therefore, a lot of successful people has the Pian Guan chart type (ge). Also, people with this type of chart, when they think of an idea, they will straight away act on it, which is totally different from Zhen Guan type of people. 

If weak Day Master and strong Sha, the person will tend to do things to the extreme, rebellious, keep to oneself. If Day Master strong and Sha is favourable ( wang), daring and courageous in performing task, hates the wicked as if they were personal enemies but with dignity, the person has great potential.

Person with this type of chart, mostly unable to live steady life, they are mostly army personnel and politician.  If there is Pian Yin (Indirect Resources), the person can be in the profession of scholar, religious leader,  teacher, doctor, lawyer and artist.

Mostly people with Pian Guan chart type (ge), with strong Day Master, has the boldness, attractive, can endure humiliation, responsible, hardworking, quite comfortable in the competitive society. If Sha strong and Jie (same element as Day Master) weak, no affinity with siblings. If there is punishment relationship (Xing 刑克), no true friend will come and help. Because of this, there will be argument or conflict between friends and siblings. 

If there is too many type of Eating Sha (食制杀), the person will appear to be strong but timid inside and always get in trouble, suspicious and indecisive and unable to demonstrate his/her own strength, therefore can become a poor scholar. If the Officers (官杀) is complicated, the person marriage will be complicated.

Day pillar sitting on Sha and Officer Sha is complicated, there will be quarrel between husband and wife, very difficult to leave happily ever after. If Hour Pillar has Pian Guan, not a very good fate with children (less affinity). But if there is Eating God, children will most likely in the literary, art or army circles. They will obtain fame and prestige.

Year pillar has Pian Guan and weak Day Master and no control, it means grow up in poor family. If Pian Guan in Year pillar is being controlled, will probably born in the army family. 

Month pillar has Pian Guan and being controlled, life is good. 

Day Master Pian Guan, spouse is fierce, stubborn and hot tempered.

Hour pillar with Pian Guan as unfavourable element, children will not be filial.

If there is only one Pian Guan at hour stem and Day Master is strong also has Wealth and Resources with no clashes, prosperous life. It is like the general who guard the stockpile - have unlimited resources.

Pian Guan unfavourable, career not smooth, Pian Guan favourable, prosperous, authority and high power.

10 Gods Analysis (十神分析) - Zhèng Guān (Direct Officer)


This translation was done in 2009 and was published in now defunct fiverarts forum. The original text was written in Chinese  (十神分析) and I am not sure who is the original author. If anybody know, please let me know so that I can attribute credit to him/her.

Zhèng Guān (Direct Officer)

Relationship: represent the commanding officer, the superior, teacher; Woman's Husband, Man's daughter.

When Zhen Guan is favourable: the feature is solemn and good, clever, delightful, pleasant and friendly, good family background, act gently and sane. When Guan & Yin (Officer & Resources) in growth stage (12 Qi Phase), success in office and public, good childhood, like reading, parents do not need to worry about. 

Chai & Guan (Wealth & Officer) in growth stage (12 Qi Phase), famous on the wealth circle, show that the family circumstances are not very in plenty during childhood, need to work hard for more breakthrough,  during young period, able to set up social status. 

Zhen Guan represents husband star, when in favourable, it represent good candidate, good interactive between husband and wife, make people admirable. 

If Day Master is weak, Zhen Guan appear in young age, the person is weak and scare of matters. Families has a lot of stress and uncertainty. Family background not good. 

When a chart's Day Master is weak, meets with Influence (Power), Output and Wealth elements, and does not have strong Resource or Companion elements to strengthen the Day Master, then the Day Master will experience increased Restrict (control by the Power element) and Xie (weakened by the output and wealth elements). The result is that this person will experience a life of "chasing and laboring after wealth but only get roller coaster, ups and downs, life".  

If there is combination of Useful God (Yong Shen) and Zhen Guan, the person is wicked and crafty and deceitful, resorts to every conceivable means to gain advantage. If this is the pattern, always poor, betray country and friends, be wary of such people. 

If chart alot of Zhen Guan, it means besides only has a husband, there are other boyfriends, so must control oneself and do not cause trouble. 

If Zhen Guan in Year Pillar and favourable, receive ancestors' protection or blessing and apt to have a successful career in early youth, the study with good result.

If Zhen Guan in Month Pillar and favourable, receive love and care from parents, lack hardship in one's life, Character is honest, siblings have scholarly honor of official rank too. 

Day Master sitting on Zhen Guan Star, intelligent and competent, luck for wealth prosperously greatly to take place, help the spouse prosperous too.

If Zhen Guan in Hour Pillar, there is the main son's virtuous filial piety, enjoy the good fortune late.

Guan  (Officer) star not prosperous, should avoid public office. Guan  (Officer) star prosperous, is suitable for public office. 

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Using Qi Men Dun Jia with other Fengshui method

Using Qi Men Dun Jia with other Fengshui method

I will be running "Super Charging Qi Men Dun Jia with San He" course from 14-17th Apr 2017, so some people is asking this question:

Qi Men Dun Jia come with complete Divination, Bazi, Fengshui and Date Selection. Do we need to use other system? Can we use it together with other system?

First and foremost, we need to understand where the various Chinese Meta-Physics system derived from and then understand the advantage and limitation of various system before we can use the various system together.

My Super Charging Qi Men Dun Jia with San He course is based on this principal. Like the Yin-Yang principal of Chinese Meta-Physics, every Fengshui system has it's advantage and disadvantage. Practitioner needs to understand this. Once this is understood, then you can use one system to compliment the other, just like the Yin and Yang of Chinese Meta-physics.

Basis of Qi Men Dun Jia

For those who attended my class before will know that Qi Men Dun Jia system is based on solar event. It is based on the rotation of Earth around the Sun. For example, Winter Solstice (Dong Zhi) is based on the position of the Sun relative to Earth. Winter Solstice starts when the Sun is at 270⁰ as according to Celestial Coordinate. In ancient time, this is done by measuring the length of the shadow of a pole. In addition, Qi Men Dun Jia chart is plotted on the Post-Heaven Ba Gua. So, all analysis is done based on Post-Heaven Ba Gua.

Limitation of Qi Men Dun Jia

Qi Men Dun Jia has a complete system that can be used for all matters. If not, those famous masters like Zhuge Liang, Zhang Liang, Liu Bowen etc, won't be using Qi Men Dun Jia to help found a dynasty. In ancient time, Qi Men Dun Jia is crowned as 帝王之术,方术之王 (dì wáng zhī shù  fāng shù zhī wáng) - King of Art and Art of King. So, you can be sure the power of this system. However, like the Yin and Yang of Chinese Meta-Physics, every system has it's limitation and likewise for Qi Men Dun Jia. For a start, Qi Men Dun Jia is designed for warfare. So, it is best to be used in a dynamic and ever changing environment. We know that in warfare, we need to understand the terrain and surrounding. Understanding terrain and surrounding is not part of Qi Men Dun Jia system. It is part of Sun Zi Art of War. In ancient time, all the famous masters already using Qi Men Dun Jia together with Sun Zi Art of War (and other Art of War techniques), so they are already using 2 systems together. 

Moving forward to modern time, using Qi Men Dun Jia for Fengshui, like I said above, Qi Men Dun Jia does not cover terrain and surrounding. That's mean, it does not cover land form selection and land form analysis. This is where San He system fit the bill. How can you do Fengshui for a place when the surrounding Fengshui is no good? It is like you have a very powerful car but don't have good road for it to run. Of course, you can use Qi Men Dun Jia divination to evaluate whether the land form fengshui is good or not. But why not use a system that is specifically designed for it?

In addition, Post-Heaven Ba Gua has direction but limited to 45⁰ variance. That's mean you only have North, South, East, West, NW, SW, NE, SE, with each 45⁰ to derive favorable and unfavorable direction. 

San He System

San He system is a land form system. The system require the practitioner to identify the high ground and low ground to understand the Qi flow. After understanding the Qi flow, a building or house has to conform to the Yin Yang system before it can tap the Qi. The fundamental of San He system is to tap and harness the Qi. 

The San He System is based on Pre-Heaven Ba Gua, which is different from Qi Men Dun Jia (Qi Men Dun Jia uses Post-Heaven Ba Gua).  Using a Pre-Heaven Ba Gua system with a Post-Heaven Ba Gua system is like Yin and Yang in Chinese Meta-physics. Therefore, you can use Qi Men Dun Jia together with San He system. It is like during war time, the ancient master used Qi Men Dun Jia with Sun Zi Art of War. 

In addition, San He has the 72 dragon systems that can be used to tap Qi. These 72 dragon gives you 5⁰ each for tapping of Qi. 

Using San He system with Qi Men Dun Jia

These will be taught in-depth in the class. In the nutshell, this is how it is used:
  1. For favorable direction and location, Qi Men Dun Jia Bazi is used. Once a favorable location is determined, the quality of the land form is evaluated using San He
  2. Exterior Fengshui of the place must conform to San He principal (which Qi Men Dun Jia lack of) This is to ensure that the unit is able to receive good Qi
  3. Interior Fengshui is done using Qi Men Dun Jia principal. Since Qi Men Dun Jia is limited to 45⁰, it can be further fine-tune using San He system (up to 5⁰)
  4. Date Selection is done using Qi Men Dun Jia


A lot of masters said you shouldn't mix systems. I agreed that you shouldn't mix various systems without understanding the basis and principal behind each systems. For example, can you mix another system that is based on Post-Heaven Ba Gua with Qi Men Dun Jia? In my opinion, we shouldn't until we understand how these system is derived and how it is different from Qi Men Dun Jia. This is because, if both system are derived from the same source, then how do you handle contradicting information?

In addition, some masters might not know the other system enough to do the comparison or even use it together. Why settle for the best when you can get best of both system?

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2017 Chinese New Year Start Work Date

2017 Chinese New Year Start Work Date

A lot of people have been asking for 2017 start work date after the Chinese New Year long break. They want the date so that they can plan for their holidays. Chinese New Year falls on 28th and 29th Jan 2017.
The date and time to start work after Chinese New Year (CNY) break are:

Option 1: 1st Feb 2017    9am – 11am. The best of the best timing will be 9:30-9:40am.

This date is specifically good for people who are born in the year of Ji or ends with 9. e.g. 1959, 1969, 1979, 1989 etc. Using this date and time for activation will bring in good career. Note: most people can use this date and time, just that this date/time is better for those born in the year of Ji.

Option 2: 1st Feb 2017 between 11am – 1pm. The best timing will be 12:40 – 12:50 pm.

This date is specifically good for people who are born in the year of Geng or end with 0. e.g 1950, 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990 etc. Using this date and time for activation of calm mind for handling of stressful matters. Note: most people can use this date and time, just that this date/time is better for those born in the year of Geng. 

Option 3:  2nd Feb 2017 between 7-9am. The best timing will be 7:30am.

This date is specifically good for people who are born in the year of Geng or end with 0. e.g 1950, 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990 etc. Using this date and time for activation will bring in prospect in career and relationship. Note: most people can use this date and time, just that this date/time is better for those born in the year of Geng. 

In here, I would like to wish you all Gong Xi Fa Cai!


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Rules of Divination & Basic concept of Heaven, Earth, Man


The US President election is scheduled for Tuesday, 8th Nov 2016. There are a lot of buzz going on in the internet where a lot of masters are being asked and have provided some prediction on who will win (Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton). Some masters said Donald will win, some said Hillary. Some decided to leave it open for interpretation. In addition, depending on the date and time of the question (who will win) being asked, different charts are being used and hence different in interpretation. There are also various methods being used in the prediction.  

Likewise, I was being asked to perform the prediction as well. However, I declined due to a few reasons. 

Our ancient sage had passed down rules that govern the way of doing a divination or prediction. The rules are known as three do-not-divine (三不占):
  • 无故不占、
  • 无异不占、
  • 无问不占

Rules of Divination (三不占 - aka three do-not-divine)

  • 无故不占、Wú Gù Bù Zhàn, no movement, don’t divine 
  • 无异不占、Wú Yì Bù Zhàn, nothing surprising, don’t divine
  • 无问不占     Wú Wèn Bù Zhàn, don’t ask, don’t divine
无故不占: no movement, don’t divine
        Movement is indication of something is happening.
        For example, asking for temple lot – need to shake the lot holder for the lot to drop out
        As such, if there is no indication (e.g. movement) don’t do divination

无异不占: nothing surprising, don’t divine
        “Surprise” affect human emotion, which affect human 6th sense
        “Surprise” will cause change in human mood
        Since there is change (in emotion), means there is movement.

无问不占: don’t ask, don’t divine
        If people don’t ask you, don’t divine
        It affect Cause and Effect (Karma)
        Things happen for a reason. If you can help but the person didn’t ask for help, then it is the person karma. 
        However, if you insist of helping, basically you are violating the law of nature.

Heaven, Earth, Man

Apart from these three do-not-divine rules, the divination process has to conform to the trinity rules of Heaven, Earth and Man. This is a big subject to discuss and I will discuss this on the context of divination. Mapping the Heaven, Earth and Man in the context of divination, you will get the following:

Heaven aspect is when a question is asked (e.g. who will win the presidential election) at that point in time and a divination chart is plotted. This chart could be a Yijing chart, Qi Men Dun Jia chart, Bazi chart etc.

Earth aspect is when the 3 aspect of divination being triggered (see Rules of Divination above). If there is Movement, Surprise and/or someone asking a question, then you perform the divination.

Most of the time, these 2 aspects are fulfilled. However, for a question regarding presidential election, the 2 persons that is being affected the most are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. So, a divination is only accurate when this aspect is fulfilled. Now, most of the divination are done by Masters based on the question being asked by their students. It has nothing to do with Donald and Hillary coming to ask about it. As such, the aspect of Man in the Heaven, Earth, Man Trinity is missing.

Likewise, most of the time, the divination is done when these 3 aspects are fulfilled. For example, a person asking about sickness and condition, you will have:

So, all 3 aspects are fulfilled and the results of divination can be accurate.

This is one of the reason why most of the divination is not accurate as the Trinity aspect is not fulfilled.